• Glasgow Investment Strategy Cover

    Glasgow Investment Strategy 2023 - 2030

    The investment strategy for Glasgow and the wider city region builds on the achievements during the lifetime of the previous investment strategy and action plan and draws on new evidence and augments it with the most up to date global research.

  • GCR Economic strategy

    Glasgow City Region Economic Strategy 2021

    The new strategy sets the approach for how the Region will weather current and future key challenges, including the impact of Covid-19, the climate emergency, and unprecedented technological advances.

  • City Centre Recovery Plan

    Glasgow City Centre Recovery Plan 2022-24

    The City Centre Recovery Plan outlines the objectives and themes for the next two-year period.

  • City Centre Strategy Cover

    City Centre Strategy and Action Plan 2014-19

    The strategy has a wide range of over 50 proposed actions to be delivered over the period of 2014-2019, all aimed at ensuring that Glasgow remains as one of the top city centres in the UK and Europe.

  • Circular Economy

    Circular Economy Route Map for Glasgow 2020 - 2030

    Framework to allow Glasgow to truly embrace a sustainable economic future. It presents a vision for a circular city and provides the context in which our local economy is seen as an engine for environmental and social regeneration.

  • City Tree 4

    Glasgow's Climate Plan

    The purpose of this plan is to set out the city’s approach, pathway and strategic actions towards net zero carbon emissions, healthy biodiversity and climate resilience in Glasgow by 2030.

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