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Investment Support

If your company is looking to invest, set up or expand in Glasgow you will find a business-friendly city that takes a very proactive and innovative approach to support business growth and commercial real estate investment.

Invest Glasgow

Glasgow City Council's specialist inward investment team, provides a single point of contact for all companies considering considering investing, setting up or expanding in Glasgow.

How We Can Help

Invest Glasgow offers comprehensive business support and guidance, providing one point of contact for all businesses, property investors and developers seeking to set-up business, expand or invest in the city. This professional one-stop shop service provides your business with access to a wide range of business support products and services from an array of specialist partner organisations and business networks across the city.

We work closely with a range of partner organisations including Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Development International, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Skills Development Scotland as well as Council colleagues in Economic Development and Planning Services to provide you with a comprehensive ‘Team Glasgow’ investment and business support offer.

We can support your company with…

Business Growth

  • Bespoke financial incentives - for example, discretionary grant funding may be available to: assist with soft landing space; and provide specific funding towards posts that contribute towards the strategic growth and add value to the business.
  • Access to partners and networks
  • Business development support
  • Recruitment support including access to wage and training subsidies via Glasgow City Council's highly regarded employment programme, The Glasgow Guarantee, which provides a wage incentive to employers, who recruit from a pool of Glasgow Guarantee eligible candidates.
  • Investment advice
  • Access to Scottish research capabilities
  • Location and property advice - for example Invest Glasgow can undertake initial bespoke property searches to identify business space for you.
  • Dedicated aftercare  

Commercial Real Estate Investment

  • Finding the right site/location
  • Identifying partners, investors, developers and operators
  • Facilitating introductions to relevant planning team to secure approval for key developments. 

Marketing Support

  • Provision of data visualisation and asset mapping tools to aid site selection research and proposition building
  • Creation of case studies and testimonials of existing businesses to support decision making
  • Content and PR support for the city's unique selling propositions to support shortlisting efforts.