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Why Glasgow?

Work-Life Balance

Glasgow is ranked number 2 UK city for work-life balance (Startups Cities Index 2022) by taking an alternate stance to the traditional belief that more ‘bums-on-seats’ equates to greater productivity. Glasgow’s focus is on getting the balance right and adopting a more progressive approach in the belief that employees who are happier with their work-life balance are more efficient.

A compact and walkable city, Glasgow ranks as the second best city for Quality of Life in the UK (Numbeo 2023) with ambitions to become one of the most sustainable cities in Europe and with a growing reputation as a smart city deploying smart infrastructure, Glasgow is a city where business, sport and international culture flourish.  

Glasgow, Best City for First-Time Buyers in the UK 2023 - Aldermore’s new First Time Buyer (FTB) Appeal Index analysed 50 cities across the UK to understand the best places for first-time buyers, and found Glasgow currently takes the top-spot.  The Index is a comprehensive study of 50 cities across the UK, ranked by affordability, available housing stock and lifestyle considerations for first-time buyers.

Glasgow’s improving social capital and working environment means the city’s millennial appeal is at an all-time high because of its ability to meet the needs and preferences of early-career mobile workers. Low housing and living costs, together with high internet speeds and high levels of openness, social cohesion and inclusivity allow the city to differentiate itself from its peers. 

From top events, attractions and cultural festivals to the city's iconic music venues, a diverse and award-winning food and drink scene and the largest retail destination in the UK outside of London, there is plenty to keep everyone entertained.

Over 90 parks and gardens, city cycling routes, the River Clyde, and the Clyde and Forth Canal, offers urban tranquillity as well as the welcome buzz of a city.

Beyond Glasgow’s thriving urban social scene, it is the perfect base to explore Scotland. Stunning scenery in the form of rolling hills, glens and lochs are reachable within half an hour’s drive of the city centre and outdoor sports such as hillwalking, hiking and mountain biking are popular weekend pursuits.

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Cost of living (including rent):


lower when compared to London

Numbeo 2023


lower when compared to Bristol

Numbeo 2023


lower when compared to Manchester

Numbeo 2023

As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow has become one of the most popular places to live, not only in Scotland but in the entire UK. Although popularity has risen, the cost of living has remained relatively low, sitting at 10% cheaper than the rest of the United Kingdom.

Employment is also at a record high, with 1 in 4 people being employed in the public sector. Successful education is also high on the list in Glasgow, with half the working-age population with an A level or higher, making Glasgow an appealing place for families.

Once an overlooked industrial hub, Glasgow is now one of the UK’s hippest expat destinations. The buzzing city centre is crammed with architectural gems showcasing Glasgow’s heritage, while the modern River Clyde area looks to the future. The city’s big student population and friendly locals make Glasgow a great place to live, with excellent dining, shopping, and partying.

Glasgow’s West End neighbourhood is popular with students and young professionals alike, while in the centre you’ll find a mix of modern and traditional homes. More affordable is the up-and-coming Queen’s Park area, just south of the centre. Dennistoun in the East End of the city has recently been voted one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world according to TimeOut.

While it's Scotland’s largest urban area, Glasgow also has Scotland’s first national park, Loch Lomond, right on its doorstep. This perfect combination of inner-city living and picturesque Scottish landscapes makes it a hugely enjoyable and rewarding place to live.