Planning permission granted for serviced apartments in Glasgow

29th Sep 2021

Serviced apartments

Glasgow City Council have given planning permission for plans to demolish a former pub in Glasgow city centre to make way for new serviced apartments. The apartments will be available to rent on a short-term basis.

Property developer Big Top Productions will now move in to demolish the building on the Ropework Lane site, which previously traded as Anne Millers, in order to build 18 serviced apartments.

Big Top Productions plans to invest a total of £3 million in the development, which will also bring a rooftop terrace, parking spaces for cyclists and two penthouses to the area. 

Welcoming the planning approval, Andre Graham, director of Big Top Productions, said:

“We are extremely excited to have received planning permission to proceed with our modest yet beautifully designed 18 studio apartment development on Ropework lane.

“The managed apartments will replace the derelict Annie Millers Public House which has long been a nuisance and blight to the immediate area and will lead to a significant drop in antisocial behaviour, whilst increasing the value of properties in the vicinity.

“This 3-to-4-star level apartment project will be named The Axis Studios, and will be primarily aimed at, but not exclusive to, the LGBT community and guests will be welcomed from all groups. We will be a hetero-friendly establishment.

“Axis Studios will be the catalyst for further investment and development within the LGBT community, that will make a significant, profound and positive contribution to the city of Glasgow far beyond the LGBT community, as has been the case in cities such as Manchester, Brighton and Liverpool.”

Stephen Mallon, director of Mosaic Architecture + Design, which designed the proposal, added:

“We are delighted to receive this support from the planners and the council and look forward to delivering this exciting new development, which we think will provide a positive contribution to the local townscape. The building is a contemporary and energy efficient design using a simple but high-quality palette of materials such as blue brick, bronze cladding and aluminium curtain walling. A terrace provides rooftop activation with appropriate screening and solar panels on the roof.”

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