Programme for George Square Redesign Confirmed

4th Jun 2024

Proposed design for a revamped George Square

Programme of works confirmed as Glasgow's civic heart - George Square - to receive a makeover under the wider £115 million Avenues project.

The first phase of this work will be the creation of a site compound and hoarding of George Square in January 2025, once the Christmas 2024 decorations come down. Between January - March 2025, 11 bronze statues will be removed and transported to an adequate storage facility.

The statues will be conserved and restored between July 2025 - July 2027, before being returned to their new location on the completed Square from July 2027 onwards. 

The public realm works on George Square and surrounding Avenues will start in April 2025, with phased completion up to April 2027 (with George Square delivered by August 2026). 

The works in George Square will deliver high-quality stone throughout the Square; informal 'play' areas for children in sensory gardens in the eastern areas; a water feature; a raised lawn platform; bespoke sheltered seating; and feature lighting. 

In terms of the new design for George Square, the design for the eastern part of the Square responds to its institutional character and the formality of the City Chambers and of the Cenotaph; and a further raised green area will be created in front of the Cenotaph. The western, non-institutional part of the Square will feature an area for cafes to spill out, as well as a generous paved area for events, including a water feature. 

The final design of George Square - now ready to progress to public procurement - was informed by significant public engagement and stakeholder consultation in 2022 and 2023. The next phase of activity in the George square project will be the preparation of tender documents for the various contracts required to deliver the works. 

The George Square works are being delivered alongside those for the surrounding Avenues over two phases. The first phase will see works in George Square, John Street, North Hanover Street, George Street (between Nelson Mandela Place and Montrose Street) Cochrane Street, St Vincent Place and Hanover Street, and Miller Street commencing construction in 2025 with completion due in 2027. The second phase of construction - at St Vincent Street (from Buchanan Street to Newton Street) and George Street (from Montrose Street to High Street) will follow. 

The scheme is part of the wider £115million Avenues project - a network of new, attractive, accessible, safe, sustainable and easily-maintained routes throughout the city centre that are people-focused, encourage active travel and are more attractive to residents, workers, visitors and investors. The Avenues project is funded through the Glasgow City Region City Deal, with the funding provided by the Scottish and UK Governments. 

More information on the Avenues programme - the biggest of its kind in the UK - please visit the Glagow city Council website.