Glasgow's Forestry and Woodland Strategy Approved

6th Jun 2024

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The Forestry and Woodland Strategy (FWS) for Glasgow has been approved. The strategy will not only protect the city's trees and woodlands but also guide investment in new planting and in doing so, bring economic, environmental and social benefits to Glasgow.

The importance of trees and woodland to cities is now widely recognised, providing space for wildlife as well as human recreation, helping to reduce flooding and improve air quality, managing carbon emissions and controlling water flow.

The FWS - developed in part as a response to the climate and biodiversity emergencies - was created through engagement with the public, stakeholders and other organisation and features a delivery plan for the actions which will increase tree canopy cover in Glasgow.  The strategy will used nature-based solutions to create spaces and places across the city that can adapt to climate change. 

The FWS will identify woodlands of high nature conservation value in Glasgow; develop, conserve and enhance woodlands; consider how the resilience of the city's woodlands can be improved; and expand woodlands to provide multiple benefits to their local area.

The strategy - as part of the evidence base for the emerging City Development Plan 2 - will be a material planning consideration when the council is considering development proposals for sites in the city.

 A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "The strategy will be important in contributing to addressing the climate and ecological crises and sets out the multiple benefits of increasing Glasgow's tree canopy coverage over the next 10 years.  An important feature of the strategy is how we can best integrate trees with other land uses.  As well as the environmental and biodiversity benefits forestry and trees give, they are also vitally important for our own health and wellbeing.  The strategy will complement the emerging City Development Plan 2 and looks at opportunities and priorities for new tree planting in future years.  The strategy's delivery plan will be a collaborative process between the public, private and third sectors, and our communities and city partners."