Our Business Story

29th Jul 2022

The Glasgow Narrative has been developed by Invest Glasgow in collaboration with partners to tell the city’s renewed business story.

It is presented as an interactive e-book and details a collective evidence base that underpins ten core claims or ‘reasons-to-believe’ (outlined below) to effectively address the question of ‘Why Glasgow?’:

The digital content is offered in ‘snackable’ form, i.e. straightforward, short-form and easily digestible, lending itself to being easily consumed and shared. 

As a shared resource, it is intended as a tool to promote the different facets of the city’s attraction as both business and investment destination. Due to the rich depth of information and references, it can also be used by businesses and organisations across Glasgow and beyond as a free resource to inform joint promotion and augment individual partner’s own marketing and communications plans. 

We know that those lucky enough to live, work and study here are often the best people to address the question of 'Why Glasgow?' If you have a business ‘boast’ you want to share that you believe is unique to the city and feel would resonate on the international stage then please share your inspiration via the online form.

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